Our Disaster Response Training Curriculum

Equip yourself with the basic knowledge of disaster response from heaven's perspective to be a powerful, relevant responder in your region's time of crisis.

    1. Contact Info

    2. Download BGR's Field Operations Guide (FOG) (Mobile Phone Field Reference)

    1. BGR History & Vision

    2. CORE VALUE 1: Presence-based

    3. CORE VALUE 2: Servant Leaders

    4. CORE VALUE 3: Love is Our Standard

    5. CORE VALUE 4: Naturally Supernatural

    6. Core Values Review

    7. Core Values of a Response - Scenarios

    1. Introduction to Disaster

    2. Global Trends

    3. Operations

    4. Review of Introduction to Disaster

    1. Introduction to ICS

    2. ICS Roles - Incident Commander

    3. ICS Roles - Liaison Officer

    4. ICS Roles - Public Information Officer

    5. ICS Roles - Safety Officer

    6. ICS Roles - Emotional & Spiritual Care

    7. ICS Roles - Operations

    8. ICS Roles - Logistics

    9. ICS Roles - Planning

    10. ICS Roles - Finance & Administration

    11. ICS Review

    1. Forms

    2. Safety, Security, & Hazards

    3. Distribution

    1. Communication Tools

    2. Caring for Disaster Survivors

    3. Resiliency

    4. Field Leadership

    5. Field Management Review

    6. Disaster Response Leadership - Scenarios

Introduction to Disaster Response

  • $49.99
  • 36 lessons
  • 4.5 hours of video content
  • LIVE Digital BGR Field Operations Guide
  • Quizzes to Track Learning Progress
  • Earn a Certificate of Completion


“I would recommend this training because the content provides a comprehensive foundation for those individuals or businesses wanting to begin engaging in the field of disaster relief work. It's worth the cost because of the quality of the content and Kingdom focus. I now want to learn more about the specific disaster response structures in my local area and for my local church and to begin participating in what God is wanting to do in disaster response work here.”


“I already feel like I have a better handle on the big picture and now have some ideas and language for pursuing more. My hope is that we can bring together like-minded people from our community to train together and prepare to fill in the gaps currently in our community's response.”


“This training really makes you think about how you can help others that desperately need your help. It shows you how to team up with others in assisting our greater family, whether strangers or not. And it really opens up your heart to able to be where you are needed to give your love and attendance and support to others. This training is really worth the price point because you can't put a price on helping others out and being there when others need you the most. ”


“I would recommend this solid training to everyone. It shows how to effectively carry and impart the ministry of Jesus, the presence of God while responding to the practical needs and realities of a community experiencing disaster. I hope more people will receive this training which effectively reminds or imparts the Lord's place in response to disaster which yields a greater impact in the community being served.”


“I recommend this training. It's very helpful, I especially love the Core Values. I hope to be a part of a team where I live that implements this training and is instrumental in networking with churches, organizations, and government officials to close gaps and minister to needs in disaster. ”


Why Take This Ecourse?

After years of holding in-person training events, Bethel Global Response feels a mandate to export our lessons learned in one consolidated format that can be shared with other churches who want to become relevant players in the field of disaster response.

This training is ideal for churches that desire to partner with heaven to become a tangible, supernatural solution in their city and region. These courses will equip your church body not only with practical tools like language, structure, and operations but also include teachings on the heart of Bethel Church that changes how we serve.

You will quickly understand the ins-and-outs of operating within the world of disaster response along with how to posture yourself for effective and lasting impact.

Pastor's Personal Testimony

August 2022

A new pastor found himself leading right as his church was in the midst of a disaster in his city. Five days into the disaster event, he bought our training package and devoured it to become equipped to lead his church in this season. This is what Gilbert had to say after taking our course:

"The verbiage has been so helpful. I've taken pages of notes. To understand the common language going on and then it brings the kingdom standpoint and its been awesome to see those two worlds of mine right now intersect in this training. Not only has there been practical information but I feel like I've received an impartation of confidence. It's equipped us with exactly what we needed when we needed it most. I can't stress enough, thank you."

He went on to share, "God is pouring out his goodness in our church in this season in an exceptional way. The last sermon I preached before the disaster was that God works all things for our good and then this happened. And our members have worshipped him with tears in their eyes fresh in their loss saying back to him "You are good, you are always good."

This church now carries a vision to become an emergency preparedness center long-term and have a team mobilized to respond every year.